Free Mindfulness Meditations!

Here are some mindfulness meditations:

2 Min mindfulness meditation:

5 Min Mindfulness Meditation:

10 Min Mindfulness Mediation:

Self Esteem Meditation:

20 Min Mindfulness Meditation:

Hope you enjoy them! : )


Mindfulness is now well recognised as having countless benefits, there has been over 10,000 scientific studies into the effectiveness of mindfulness.

Some of these effects are decreasing heart rate and blood pressure, feeling less stressed, more calm, able to concentrate and be in the moment.  Think about how much of your day you’re actually in the moment, not ruminating over the past or thinking about the future but really in the present moment.  We miss a lot of life like that.

We get caught up in our own minds and don’t notice what’s around us, the flowers that are blooming or the blossom on the trees.  Being mindful is developed through our practise but we are striving to be mindful all the time, raising our awareness, enabling us to have choice about where we’re expending our energy.

The other great thing is mindfulness develops the pre frontal cortex which is the part of the brain involved in self regulation and decision making and it’s found to be more developed in happier people!

So it’s fantastic at helping in every aspect of life.  But remember to try to develop a non-judgemental attitude alongside your mindfulness, this is really, really important.  Not to judge but just observe.

Have fun and enjoy it! : )



Meditation has been practised for more than 3000 years and the benefits are well recognised in the East. People in the West are now acknowledging the power of meditation. Recent scientific evidence has proved some of the profound effects, i.e. relieves stress, decreases blood pressure, makes one happy, increases serotonin levels in the brain. Find out more through your own experience.

MEDITATION CLASS IN BATH: I’m afraid these classes have been suspended for the moment.

1st Saturday of each month, starting prompt at 2.30pm – 6pm

Central United Reform Church, Grove Street, Bath BA1

Please bring a cushion or meditation stool to sit on.

Just £10 for the afternoon retreat.

Sorry but these classes have been suspended for the moment.

The Most Venerable Dr. Pandith M. Vajiragnana, Head of the London Buddhist Vihara, Sangha Nayake of Great Britain said:

“I have known Deborah for nearly 30 years, during which time she has studied both Buddhist doctrine and meditation under me and other venerable monks at the London Buddhist Vihara. She is a committed Buddhist, with a sound grasp of the subject. I can warmly recommend her as a capable and effective teacher.”

Amrit Sthapit of the Lumbini Magazine and the Nepalise Buddhist Society said:

“Having started learning meditation in her teenage Deborah has grown with it through different stages of her life. The attainment of her degree in Psychology has given her a profound understanding of our mind. Vast numbers of fellow friends have benefited from her teaching meditation over the years. She is approachable to new comers and advanced practitioners equally.”

Former Student, Jenny Waite, Wales

“Deb started a meditation class when she came to live in our area in about 1992. It is one of the most important things that ever happened to me. Meditation will improve your life in endless ways. It is a subtle process – not a quick fix – and will help with concentration, stress relief, tolerance, awareness, to name but a few, and one of the most important for me – self awareness. We felt we were really lucky to have Deb come and teach us so don’t miss the chance to learn meditation with her and have a brighter and happier life.”

Please call me on 01225 448988 or email me for further information.