Meditation in School!


I was invited to teach meditation at a local primary school. I went into the school to do a pilot study for a month. Teaching each class in the school for twenty minutes once a week. I explained to the children why it is worth doing meditation. I explained that there are two good reasons, one to look after the brain and two to make us happy.

Meditation is the only known way to rest the mind. Even when we sleep the mind does not rest therefore only during the practise of meditation can the mind rest, revitalise and reinvigorate itself. Once the practise has been developed, ten minutes of meditation is more refreshing than eight hours sleep.

Meditation is cumulative. It is not a quick fix therefore one has to practise it fairly regularly to really feel the benefits, the list of all the other benefits are too copious to go into here. The amazing thing was that the children felt the benefits even after a couple of sessions, some after just one session! They talked of feeling calmer, happier, less angry etc. Some of the things they wrote at the end of the study are written below.

Quotes from children who were taught meditation by Deborah:

  • “Meditation is helpful because it stops you from having bad dreams” Hepsi, Age 7
  • “Meditation calms you down” James, Age 7
  • “Meditation is good, meditation is great, I like meditation, meditation is fantastic, I love meditation” Liam, Age 6
  • “I like you coming, would you come again” Abby, Age 6
  • “I think when you come in it is wonderful. Please may you come in again because it is always peaceful.” Christina, Age 7
  • “I think meditation is a great way to calm down and relax the body after a tiring morning in school, it is quite good because everyone will be ready for the next lesson.” Fynn, Age 10
  • “Meditation has allowed me to everytime I have a lot on my mind it calms me down and it has made me feel better twice every week (which is how much I do it). I will certainly continue to meditate regularly.” Alex, age 11
  • “Meditation allows your body to calm down when you are angry. You can choose different words that will enter your body and succeed. Your mind will have a relaxing subject because it doesn’t normally have time to be calm.”Kate, age 10
  • “Meditation makes me have a wonderful feeling of happiness and makes me relaxed and takes my mind off of the things which are bothering me.” Stacie, age 11
  • “I think meditation is great because it relaxes your body and can cool you down and it works very well at home.” Robbie, age 10
  • “Meditation makes me feel calm, relaxed, gentle and refreshed to do anything I put my mind to as well as my brain.” Robyn, age 11
  • “I think it is cool because it helps me to control my anger.” Kristian, age 9

Teachers noticed a difference in the children’s concentration ability. They were not only more able to hold their concentration for longer but they were more open and willing to learn. Meditation also increases self-esteem, which is another reason why children who practise are more able to absorb information.

As a result of this study other schools in the area are keen to have meditation taught in their school.

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We wish to obtain funding for costs for staff to teach meditation to primary and secondary school children.

We propose teaching meditation to primary and secondary school children and their teachers; the aim is to improve the psychological wellbeing of the children, not for religious ends. Meditation changes life. This has been known for 3000 years and has now been scientifically proven. Meditation enhances the ability to learn and results in improved concentration, increased self esteem, reduced stress, anger and anxiety.

We have conducted a pilot scheme in the Bath area and after three weekly 20 minute sessions, in each class, children and teachers were enthusiastically reporting positive effects.

Children’s comments included:-

It made me feel calmer and more relaxed, so I was ready for my next lesson. (Susan, 6yrs)

After I did it I didn’t feel I was in school, I felt much happier. (Gill, 9yrs)

I used meditation when I was scared and it made me feel better. (Ben, 7 yrs)

I couldn’t get to sleep and I tried it and I got to sleep. (Oliver, 8yrs)

Mrs Taylor, the Headmistress, was delighted with the results reported by children, parents and teachers. She is now very keen to make it part of the curriculum.

Teachers commented that the children were more open and receptive to learning after practicing meditation. They found them to be calmer and better able to concentrate.

A parent reported to the Headmistress that since the classes, her daughter Sarah, aged 6, had been using meditation at home, she had been having difficulty coping with the death of her grandmother and she found that meditation was helping her.

As a result of this pilot study other schools in the area are eager to have classes taught. We should like to extend the scheme to benefit the lives of children in many more schools. Without financial support we will not be able to continue.

We appeal to you to help fund this project.