Past Life Regression Therapy


People do past life regression for several reasons. Some because they are curious as to what their past lives were and simply want to investigate and understand. Others because there are aspects of their lives now that don’t seem to originate in this life time and they need to go back to a past life to help them understand and unlock the key to understanding.
For example, I had an extremely overweight client who had spent her whole life trying to lose weight and no matter how much exercise she did and what diet she was on she only gained weight. With Past life regression we went back to a life where she had died from consumption which at the time she thought was as a result of wearing a corset (not unusual for women at that time) and her dying promise to herself was that she would never try to be slim again. As a result of this understanding the weight simply fell off her with no effort on her part. She just needed to understand.

Some people want to do regression to prove it’s not true! This too is fine; I sometimes get specific dates, names, places of birth and death and so on, as much as I can, so that every client can investigate for themselves their own past life to satiate their need for substantiation.

There are myriad reasons why people want to go back to their past lives. Depending on what those reasons are we go back to the appropriate life. For example, a previous life when you were with your present wife, son or daughter or …. Often I tell them to go back to a life which has significance to the life they are leading now and this enables their mind to select the most appropriate life to go to help develop an understanding of now.

Whatever one’s reason, it is always an interesting and enlightening experience.

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