Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing has been practised by all the great civilisations throughout history. It is a practise that transcends boundaries of culture, religion, nationality etc. No “faith” is needed but an open mind helps!

The healer channels universal healing energy through themselves to the client. Healing energy will rebalance the clients own natural energies, balancing the energy from each chakra in the body and therefore enabling the client to deal with the issue or issues within themselves. This can be done either in the presence of the client or remotely. When it is done remotely it is called “Distant Healing”. In both cases the healer will attune themselves to the client and then transmit the healing energy.

Clients report feeling relaxed during the healing and re-energised afterwards. Changes are usually noticed during the following few days and this is where the open mind helps as changes can occur in all sorts of unexpected ways! As the healer is sending healing to the entire body, both physical and psychological, it is a genuine holistic therapy therefore neither the healer nor the client can say exactly what benefits will be felt. But in my experience benefits are nearly always felt.

Healing is now being more and more widely recognised within the medical profession and it is complementary to any other therapy or medication.

Healing can help a whole variety of issues both physical and psychological.

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