Jon, Bath

I went to Deborah some time ago when I was not in the best place in my life. Deborah helped me to see beyond the self-blame culture I had gotten myself into. Since those fairly dark days I have been able to take myself out of the situation I was in and think more clearly about my life, how I handle myself and project myself to others.

With the tips on meditating I have been much better at living my life and have since gotten married, which is a true achievement. This is in some ways due to the conversations and help that Deborah has offered me. Thank you Deborah!


Emily, Bath

I have worked with Deborah over the last 6 years, returning to work with her where I am faced with life change or obstacles that challenge me. She is gentle in her approach and without judgement, which makes it easy to really open up. I have also found her pragmatic which supports effective and impactful action following our consultations.

Deborah has supported me through a number of life transitions and personal transformations, I would recommend her to anyone needing a committed listener and therapist.


Mark, Bath
I have been helped by Deborah for over seven years now – starting at the lowest ebb and, as someone who values their privacy, with some trepidation. That I could trust and open up with Deborah was immediately apparent and a huge relief. Her careful probing and considered insights are supportive, accurate, but always offered in a way that has helped me find, rather than be told, the next steps. Deborah displays a huge amount of knowledge, skill and expertise in what she does, but it has never felt formulaic and is always expressed in ways that I relate to. I trust Deborah completely and recommend her without reservation.

Over the years, there have been lifetime highs as well as low points and I have valued Deborah’s wise counsel in the good times, just as much as the bad. I have been encouraged and challenged – unerringly, the right approach at the right time. And no matter the frequency or the circumstances, I always leave a session with Deborah feeling lighter, clearer and more resolute about the future. In many ways, I’m unrecognisable from the person that first picked Deborah’s name from the phonebook. That transition, the growth and confidence to be myself, is testament to Deborah’s life-changing work.


K.D., Wiltshire

I have seen Deborah as a psychotherapist on and off for several years. Having tried other therapists/counsellors I can honestly say she is the best I have encountered. She has a range of different approaches which means she can use whatever technique is most appropriate to the issue of the moment.  I have found this very effective.

Whilst she can ask penetrating, even challenging, questions from time to time, at no time have I felt unsafe or vulnerable with her when sharing some of my innermost secrets or fears. She always exudes a calm, caring and healing vibe but at the same time is highly observant and insightful.  Her recollection of conversations from previous sessions, even years distant, is scarily good!  You get out of it what you put in. Deborah helps you get the most out of it.

I never came away from a session with her…not feeling better about things, or without feeling more optimistic or without a clearer understanding.  You should always try a few therapists before settling on one that works for you personally.

Try Deborah first.


James, Bath

I’ve known Deborah for several years now both as my therapist and as my meditation teacher. I was referred to Deborah by my Doctor. I have seen a number of therapists over the years for an ongoing issue and am fully aware of what works for me and what doesn’t. I personally need sincerity, honesty, clarify, trust, empathy and understanding and to know and feel that all of these things are genuine. With Deborah all of these things are assured. She is very genuine, approachable, understanding and wise.

What ever is on my mind I can discuss with complete knowledge that it will be given her full attention and will be handled with a gentle and caring approach. Nothing I say I ever feel is inappropriate or awkward because there is always an understanding that for some reason it needs to be said.

Deborah is a calm and reliable presence. She draws not only on her psychological training but her interest in Buddhism, holistic healing, hypnotherapy and other specialisms. It is really up to you. If you wish to bring those things into your sessions they are available, it is your choice. For me this is crucial, I don’t feel my issues are purely psychological but spiritual and emotional and together we are able to change focus to deal with any issue on any one of these levels depending on what feels most appropriate. For me this is one of the reasons Deborah stands out for me as someone I am happy to see and to entrust with my personal life.

I would recommend her to anyone I cared about.


Trudi, Malborough

Deborah has helped me out on two occasions over the last few years in a way that other treatments have not come close to doing. We speak of our session less as therapy but more about learning. I apply what I have learnt in our lessons everyday both in my own life but also to do my work with others in a more corporate environment.

It has taken a while for me to find someone I could trust as I do Deborah. She shows the perfect balance of empathy, respect and firm challenge. I believe it is this balance together with her very credible technical competence in a variety areas of psychology that makes her so very effective.