Who is Deborah Smith?

Who is Deborah Smith?

As the relationship between the client and psychotherapist is an essential part of the process, I will tell you a little about myself.

I qualified as a Psychologist in 1991 and have a MSc in Positive Psychology. I have run a private practice since 1991, treating a wide variety of clients with a range of different problems. I am an eclectic therapist, who has trained in all the main forms of therapy; this enables me to give an individualistic approach to the therapy. I don’t believe in trying to make a therapy fit a client; I tailor the therapy to the client, giving a very individualistic therapy to each client.

P1000391I am also a qualified hypnotherapist and use hypnotherapy when appropriate, i.e. for phobias, desensitisation, accessing memories or for relaxation.

Meditation and Buddhism are central to my life and have been for the more than thirty years. I teach a weekly meditation and stress management class and have been doing so since 1993. It was after studying Buddhist Psychology and Philosophy that I decided to study Western Psychology.

Occasionally there are times when peoples’ issues cannot be understood in this life time and a trauma from a past life is hindering their progress in this life. If this the case then it maybe appropriate to go back to that previous life to enable the client to understand what is affecting them.

Over the years I have found that there are times where healing is needed and I have witnessed amazing changes as a result of healing. So in the past few years I have studied and qualified as a healer so I can help in that way too when appropriate.

I am currently developing my psychic and mediumistic skills and intend to be able to do readings for people in due course – watch this space!

I was born in London. I moved to rural Wales to raise my son. We lived in the mountains for ten years before moving to Bath in 2000. This gives me an understanding of urban and rural life as well as life as a parent.

As a psychologist and a parent I can also give advice on parenting skills.

Please call me on 01225 448988 or email me deborahsmith@psychologist.ms for further information.